Virtual McGinty's!

We now have nine spectacular views of the various Early Edition sets -- Gary's Loft and McGinty's!

These Quicktime "virtual reality" scenes are each about 430 KB, so if you have a pokey connection, please be patient. If you can't get them to work on your computer (or whatever other device you use to get online), please don't ask me what you need to do. All I know is, I can get them to work for me. And they use Quicktime. If they don't work for you, well, my apologies, but you're on your own. <g>

Click on the links below to view whichever "room" you'd like to. The links will open in  a new window, so when you're done viewing, close that window to return to this page. (I'm not sure why I decided to do them this way, but I did...)

As an added tidbit about the sets, I'm told that "Just about everything that seems like it is metal is actually well-painted wood. Also beer companies would send cases for the teamsters to drink so there could be bottles for their brand on the bar set." Yay! Fun details!

Now with floorplans -- thanks Eyal!

Floorplan of Gary's Loft:
coming "soon"
(Clicky clicky for large image)

Floorplan of McGinty's:
mcgintysfloorplan_sm.jpg (3257 bytes)
(Clicky clicky for large image)

Virtual Gary's Loft -
Views of...

Virtual McGinty's -
Views of...

Thanks for the clips! You know who you are. :)

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