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April 16, 2008: It's official! TV Shows on DVD is now reporting that Paramount  Home Entertainment has CONFIRMED that Early Edition - The 1st Season on DVD is coming on June 24, 2008!

December 25, 2007: TV Shows on DVD is reporting rumors of a June 24, 2008, release of Early Edition - Season 1!

PS: No, I'm not really updating this website anymore, except for something REALLY important or exciting as the above DVD news!

February 16, 2003: Episode guides, transcripts, trivia, credits, and funny lines (or "quotable quotes," as I'm now calling them) are now all available in the "Episode Archives."

February 9, 2003: Check out the Quicktime "Virtual Reality" views of the Early Edition sets. You can find them in the "Extra! Extra!" section.

June 9, 2002: All of the episode credits have now been completed! Yay! If anyone has any corrections, please feel free to let me know. They can all be found in the Episode Archives.

November 12, 2001: Check out "Extra! Extra!" for some interesting new items as well as some oldies, but goodies.

Early Edition Fan Conventions ("EELFests") have taken place in Chicago on October 26-27, 2001, on August 24, 2002, and on September 18, 2004. For details, pictures, and stories on these Early Edition Conventions, and for information on any future plans, see Early Edition Convention Central, the EELFest News Website:


Available June 24, 2008!

Early Edition - The First Season


About Early Edition

The following may contain SPOILER information!

Early Edition, starring Kyle Chandler as Gary Hobson and Shanesia Davis-Williams as Marissa Clark, is about a man who gets tomorrow's edition of the Chicago Sun-Times delivered to his doorstep a day early. Mysteriously arriving with a cat, the paper gives Gary an opportunity to prevent needless tragedies and to generally make life in Chicago a little more pleasant.

The first two seasons also starred the fabulous Fisher Stevens as Chuck Fishman, Gary's best friend, who would have loved getting his own "early edition" of the paper so he could use it to make lots of money. Chuck left at the end of the second season to start a family-friendly production company in Hollywood.

Three new characters arrived on the scene in the third season: Billie Worley as Patrick Quinn, the winsome bartender; Kristy Swanson as Erica Paget, single mother and bar manager with a romantic interest in Hobson; and Myles Jeffrey as Henry Paget, precocious child of Erica. At the end of the third season, Erica and Henry left Chicago to return home to her parents and try to live a more stable lifestyle. Patrick left after the first part of the fourth season, moving to Oregon to become a kindergarten teacher.

Recurring characters are Constance Marie as Detective Toni Brigatti; Tess Harper as Lois Hobson, Gary's mom; William Devane as Bernie Hobson, Gary's dad; Ron Dean as the retired Detective Marion "Zeke" Crumb; Michael Whaley as Detective Paul Armstrong, and Luis Antonio-Ramos as Miguel Diaz, photo-journalist for the Sun-Times.

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