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CBS Write to the Sponsors
Tips on Writing Write to Early Edition

CBS Contact Information:

Although CBS couldn't give a rat's butt about EE anymore, if you still want to write to them, the latest contact information that I have is below. The preferred way for you to contact CBS is by using "snail mail" -- that is, actually sitting down and writing a letter on an actual piece of paper, putting it into an envelope and slapping the postage on it. CBS (and Networks in general) tend to put more weight on what's written/said in an actual letter or a phone call (vs. e-mail) because it does take the extra bit of effort.

Please take the time to write a letter to BOTH Mr. Moonves and Ms. Tellum as well as to Mr. Karmazin. (Remember that you are representing Early Edition fans everywhere, so please be professional and courteous -- you catch more flies with honey, so they say.)

Mr. Leslie Moonves
CBS Television City
7800 W Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Les' Secretary: (323)575-2600

Nancy Tellum
CBS Television City
7800 W Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Mel Karmazin
President and COO

CBS Corporation
51 W 52nd St
New York, NY 10019

CBS Feedback Line:
(323) 575-2200

Fax CBS Guest Relations: (323) 575-2993

Fill out the form on
CBS's Feedback Page

or send email to Audience Services:
(goes to the same place as the Feedback Form above)


Tips on writing:

Form letters are easy to spot by any TV network. They have a unique monotone flavor to them. That is why we should aspire to make any letter to TPTB a life altering experience of passion. Make them laugh, make them cry, let them know beyond any reasonable doubt that "Early Edition" touches the very core of your being. It is letters such as this that TPTB take notice of. Be sure you include the following items in your letter:

1. Tell them *who you are, how old you are, and what field of employment* you work in. This will give them an idea of the range of people "Early Edition" appeals to. (Their main target audience is 18-49.)

2. Tell them *how long* you have been watching "Early Edition." If you are a new fan, let them know how grateful you are that the show will be in syndication and how you are looking forward to being able to see the old EPs during the week and the new EPs on Saturday nights. (Use your own words.)

3. Relate anything personal about the advertising efforts during "Early Edition" episodes. (example: I was really impressed by *'s product I saw an ad for during last week's EP). You may want to mention a commercial you thought was particularly funny or intriguing.

4. Thank them for a full 22 episodes this year; tell them how excited you are about the new characters this season and how great Kyle and Shanesia are together.

5. Handwritten letters carry more weight, due to the effort one must take to write them. Typed or computer-generated letters should be done on distinctive stationery (if you have letterhead, use it), and signed in blue ink so that it isn't mistaken for a photocopy.

6. Letters should have a very passionate tone. Tell them what about the show compels you so that you *MUST* have more!

7. Be polite and brief.

8. Do not write "Early Edition" or anything else referring to the show on the envelope as those will be forwared without even being read.

9. Let TPTB know when you *like* the show, too - not just when you are unhappy.

10. Don't forget to write to the advertisers! They love to know that people are seeing their ads, and will often send you coupons in return.


The Sponsors:

The power is in the pocketbook! Find out who the sponsors are during Early Edition and write to them as well. You can find addresses for the top 100 advertisers at (look under "take action")


Write to Early Edition:

To request autographs or ask specific questions (Where can I buy that shirt? What was the song in the closing credits?), write to the address below. Fan mail should be directed to the specific actor at the same address. Note: If you are requesting an autographed photo, be sure to include a large (9x12) SASE. NOTE: I DO NOT KNOW IF THESE ADDRESSES ARE STILL CORRECT... YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE.

Early Edition, c/o TriStar, 9336 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

If you'd like to write specifically to Kyle Chandler, try the below address (verified as correct Dec 2003):

Kyle Chandler
9150 9150 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 350
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

If you'd like to write specifically to Fisher Stevens, try the TriStar address above or the address below:

Fisher Stevens, c/o GreeneStreet Films, Inc, 2nd Floor, 9 Desbrosses St., New York, NY 10013

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