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Below are a bunch of shiny things at Amazon -- they're what you call "affiliate links," so if you'd like to help support my Amazon!Crack habit and would like to tell them to send a few pennies my way when you shop, click on these links and buy stuff. Thanks! :-)

PS: I didn't make that image to the left (well, except for the texty part).Graphic is from the Gold Edition of Art Explosion from Nova Development.

PPS: Why yes, I am eclectic, thankyouverymuch.

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Shiny Listening

carouselcover.jpg (3039 bytes) Carousel: 1994 Broadway
Cast Recording

Fisher Stevens... singing!
snuffy.jpg (2231 bytes) Music by... W.G. Snuffy Walden
omwfsoundtrack.jpg (2711 bytes) Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Once More With Feeling
buffysoundtrack.gif (5514 bytes) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Soundtrack
frenchkisscd.jpg (2677 bytes) French Kiss: Soundtrack
duesouth1.jpg (3291 bytes) Due South: Original Soundtrack
duesouth2.jpg (3174 bytes) Due South, Volume II:
Original Soundtrack
cabaret.jpg (2779 bytes) Cabaret: Broadway Cast
Recording (1998)
empirecd.jpg (1724 bytes) Empire Of The Sun:
Original Soundtrack
ragtime.jpg (2056 bytes) Ragtime: The Musical -
Original Broadway Cast Recording
nylons.jpg (2322 bytes) The   Nylons - One Size Fits All
surfacing.jpg (1861 bytes) Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing
ophelia.jpg (2914 bytes) Natalie Merchant - Ophelia
stevewariner.jpg (2292 bytes) Steve Wariner- Ultimate Collection
georgestrait.jpg (2198 bytes) George Strait - Strait Out of the Box
 Toby Keith - Shock'n Y'all
willienelson.jpg (2102 bytes) Willie Nelson - Essential Willie Nelson
merlehaggard.jpg (2572 bytes) Merle Haggard - For the Record:
43 Legendary Hits
alanjackson.jpg (2664 bytes) Alan Jackson - Greatest Hits Collection
eddierabbitt.jpg (2287 bytes) Eddie Rabbitt - All Time Greatest Hits
donwilliams.jpg (2482 bytes) Don Williams - Anthology
verngosdin.jpg (2274 bytes) Vern Gosdin - Super Hits
johnnycash.jpg (1844 bytes) Johnny Cash - The Essential
Johnny Cash
eagles1.jpg (2010 bytes) Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975
eagles2.jpg (2784 bytes) The Eagles - Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
bowie.jpg (2748 bytes) David Bowie - Best of Bowie
beegees.jpg (1917 bytes) The Bee Gees - Their Greatest
Hits: The Record
80s.jpg (2794 bytes) Like, Omigod! The '80s Pop
Culture Box Set
howardjones.jpg (2603 bytes) Howard Jones - The Best of
Howard Jones
adamant.jpg (2652 bytes) Adam Ant - Essential Adam Ant
tearsforfears.jpg (1561 bytes) Tears for Fears - Shout: The Very
Best of Tears for Fears
celtic.jpg (2834 bytes) Voices of Celtic Women:
Holding Up Half the Sky
greyeyed.jpg (2857 bytes) Sue Richards - Grey Eyed Morn
paolo.jpg (2677 bytes) Paolo Conte - The Best of Paolo Conte
glenmiller.jpg (3118 bytes) Glenn Miller - The Essential Glenn Miller
gershwin.jpg (2439 bytes) George Gershwin -
Essential George Gershwin
winston.jpg (1711 bytes) George Winston - December
pianorolls.jpg (2898 bytes) Olde Piano Rolls [Box Set]
bigband.jpg (3030 bytes) Music from the War Years: Big Band Era
whencalling.jpg (2604 bytes) Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy -
When I'm Calling You

Shiny Viewing

Boxed Sets/TV Series | Movies | Kyle Chandler | Fisher Stevens

Television Series Season Sets


Early Edition - The First Season

buffy1cover.jpg (3913 bytes)
Buffy the Vampire
Slayer - Season 1
buffy2cover.jpg (3820 bytes)
Buffy the Vampire
Slayer - Season 2
buffy3cover.jpg (2982 bytes)
Buffy the Vampire
Slayer - Season 3
buffy4cover.jpg (2875 bytes)
Buffy the Vampire
Slayer - Season 4

Buffy the Vampire
Slayer - Season 5

Buffy The Vampire
Slayer - Season 6

Buffy the Vampire
Slayer - Season 7

Firefly -
The Complete Series
angel1cover.jpg (2670 bytes)
Angel - Season 1
angel2.jpg (2980 bytes)
Angel - Season 2

 Angel - Season Three

Angel - Season Four

Angel - Season Five
24cover.jpg (2879 bytes)
24 - Season One
24cover2.jpg (2826 bytes)
24 - Season Two

24 - Season Three
simpsons1.jpg (2941 bytes)
The Simpsons -
Season 1
simpsons2.jpg (2900 bytes)
The Simpsons -
Season 2
simpsons3.jpg (3093 bytes)
The Simpsons -
Season 3

The Simpsons -
Season 4
allcreatures2cover.jpg (3388 bytes)
All Creatures Great &
Small - Season 2
allcreaturescover.jpg (3792 bytes)
All Creatures   Great &
Small - Season 1

 All Creatures Great &
Small - Season 3

 Black Adder -
The Complete Collector's Set

 Homicide Life on the Street -
Seasons 1 & 2

 Homicide Life on the Street -
Season 3
littlehouse1.jpg (3481 bytes)
Little House on the
Prairie - Season 1
littlehouse2.jpg (3304 bytes)
Little House on the
Prairie - Season 2

Little House on the
Prairie - Season 3

 Little House on the
Prairie - Season 4

Little House on the
Prairie - Season 5

 Freaks and Geeks -
The Complete Series

Quantum Leap -
Season 1

Monk - Season 1


Movies and Mini-Serieseseses

muchadocover.jpg (4081 bytes)
Much Ado
About Nothing
annecover.jpg (2990 bytes)
Anne of Green Gables
anne2cover.jpg (2910 bytes)
Anne of Green
Gables - The Sequel
soundofmusiccover.jpg (2925 bytes)
The Sound of Music
emmacover.jpg (2738 bytes)
Jane Austen's Emma
pridecover.jpg (3837 bytes)
Pride and Prejudice -
The Special Edition
sensecover.jpg (2966 bytes)
Sense and Sensibility
janeeyrecover.jpg (2568 bytes)
Jane Eyre
frenchkisscover.jpg (2502 bytes)
French Kiss
davecover.jpg (3181 bytes)
labyrinthcover.jpg (3576 bytes)
empirecover.jpg (2449 bytes)
Empire of the Sun
massappealcover.jpg (2565 bytes)
Mass Appeal
priestcover.gif (7123 bytes)
indianajones.jpg (3450 bytes)
Indiana Jones Trilogy:
Raiders of the Lost Ark,
The Temple of Doom,
The Last Crusade
oklahomacover.jpg (3274 bytes)
buckaroocover.jpg (4101 bytes)
The Adventures of
Buckaroo Banzai
sayanythingcover.jpg (3266 bytes)
Say Anything
betteroffdeadcover.jpg (3227 bytes)
Better Off Dead
ferriscover.jpg (3440 bytes)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
rosemariecover.jpg (3369 bytes)
Rose Marie
mrsmithcover.jpg (3064 bytes)
Mr. Smith Goes
to Washington
friendlypersuasioncover.jpg (2953 bytes)
Friendly Persuasion
yellowribboncover.jpg (3396 bytes)
She Wore a
Yellow Ribbon

 Horatio Hornblower
Boxed Set

 Horatio Hornblower -
The Adventure Continues

 War and Remembrance -
Volume 1

 War and Remembrance -
Volume 2

 The Thorn Birds


With Kyle Chandler:

angelsdancecover.jpg (3097 bytes)
Angel's Dance
convictcover.jpg (2773 bytes)
Convict Cowboy
purecountrycover.jpg (3075 bytes)
Pure Country
mulhollandfallscover.jpg (2842 bytes)
Mulholland Falls


With Fisher Stevens:

justakisscover.jpg (3375 bytes)
Just a Kiss
(Directed by Fisher)
undisputedcover.jpg (3106 bytes)
lisapicardcover.jpg (2416 bytes)
Lisa Picard
is Famous
taxmancover.jpg (2735 bytes)
ticcodecover.jpg (3654 bytes)
The Tic Code
fourdayscover.jpg (3372 bytes)
Four Days
in September
pompatuscover.gif (5797 bytes)
Pompatus of Love
rightremainsilentcover.jpg (3681 bytes)
The Right to
Remain Silent
hackerscover.gif (6919 bytes)
coldfevercover.jpg (2292 bytes)
Cold Fever
ninalovercover.gif (5797 bytes)
Nina Takes
a Lover
onlyyoucover.jpg (3162 bytes)
Only You
supermariobroscover.jpg (3594 bytes)
The Super
Mario Bros.
bobrobertscover.jpg (2994 bytes)
Bob Roberts
herocover.jpg (3553 bytes)
whenpartyovercover.jpg (3489 bytes)
When the
Party's Over
marryingmancover.jpg (3360 bytes)
The Marrying Man
mysterydatecover.jpg (3471 bytes)
Mystery Date
reversalfortunecover.jpg (3094 bytes)
of Fortune
bloodhoundscover.jpg (3214 bytes)
of Broadway
shortcircuit2cover.jpg (4405 bytes)
Short Circuit 2
bosswifecover.jpg (3123 bytes)
Boss' Wife
shortcircuitcover.jpg (2841 bytes)
Short Circuit
(Special Edition)
myscienceprojcover.jpg (3140 bytes)
My Science Project
brotherfromcover.jpg (2411 bytes)
Brother From
Another Planet
flamingokidcover.jpg (3139 bytes)
The Flamingo Kid
babyitsyoucover.jpg (2745 bytes)
Baby It's You
burningcover.jpg (2389 bytes)
The Burning
( Exclusive)


Shiny Reading

omwfscript.jpg (3593 bytes) "Once More, With Feeling": The Scriptbook
allcreatures.jpg (3582 bytes) All Creatures Great and Small -
James Herriot
allthings.jpg (3335 bytes) All Things Bright and Beautiful -
James Herriot
sensebook.jpg (3078 bytes) Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen
pridebook.jpg (2715 bytes) Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
emmabook.jpg (2448 bytes) Emma - Jane Austen
northangerbook.jpg (2830 bytes) Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
andtheladies.jpg (3681 bytes) ...And Ladies of the Club -
Helen Hooven Santmyer
books-no-image.gif (1104 bytes) House Divided - Ben Ames Williams
peterthegreat.gif (6613 bytes) Peter the Great: His Life and World -
Robert K Massie
shakespeare.jpg (1905 bytes) The Complete Pelican Shakespeare

I prefer the 'Riverside Shakespeare' version,
but the Pelican is good. It's just not quite as... big.

lonesomedove.jpg (3405 bytes) Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry
bastard.jpg (6409 bytes) The Bastard - John Jakes
northsouth.jpg (2900 bytes) North and South  - John Jakes
amerdreams.jpg (3267 bytes) American Dreams - John Jakes
What Are Fronds For? - Wendy Arbeit
Palm Weaving the Story & the Art -
Sister Cecilia Schmitt



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