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Earlydues recommends the bolded websites. And just what are my criteria, you ask? The site must be updated frequently - that is, more than once a year <ahem>. Or the site must be so extensive, or have something so unique, that the lack of frequent updates doesn't diminish from the enjoyment of visiting. :-)

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~ The Early Edition Lovers Mail List ~
(earlyedition, f.k.a. iEEL)

This list has been in existence since the show began. It was formerly located at ISOCIEL.COM but is now located at Yahoo!Groups. It is open to anyone who wishes to engage in serious discussion of the show. (Be sure to read and follow the list rules to ensure your most pleasant mail list experience.)

To join the Early Edition Mail List on Yahoo!Groups, visit the earlyedition community page at http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/earlyedition/ and click on "Subscribe" or "Join this Group" on the right side of that page and follow their directions. (If you don't want to have access to the list archives, links, files, etc., you can simply send mail to earlyedition-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.)

~ The Early Edition Fan Fiction Mailing List ~

This list is open to any original story involving the characters and situations of Early Edition. Discussion of the fan fiction itself is also welcomed.

To join the EE-FANFIC list, send mail to majordomo@lists.x-philes.com with the contents (body) of your message as follows:


Or visit the EE Fanfic Mailing List/Tales of the Tavern website and find the directions to subscribe there.

~ KCEB - Kyle Chandler Estrogen Brigade ~

Membership is restricted by age, gender, and the wishes of the current members. For more information on this list or the qualifications needed to join, please contact xsculder@rogers.com or visit squidge.org's KCEB-l page.

Early Edition Webring(s)...

Okay, so this one isn't really a webring, but it's a great place to search for other websites:

People do it better!
Open Directory Project at dmoz.org

Meowy thanks...

To Vik, Ian, Patrick, Bob, Sony TriStar, and - as much as I hate to - CBS for creating, developing and producing Early Edition. To Alex, Carla, Sean, Bob again, the Stanleys, and the rest of the writing staff for taking the concept and creating 90 hours worth of excellent scripts. To the Cast and Crew of Early Edition who took those words and made them work. To the many local networks across the country for airing Early Edition on the weekends so everyone can enjoy EE at least once a week. To Nicole Parrot for starting the Early Edition Mailing List and to Sky Dancer for taking on List Mom duties. To the squirrels - especially peregrin anna, inkling, maryilee, and Lady Jayne - the BiCs, the Posse, and the MSMs for many fantastic discussions and for a *great* adventure into Chicagoland. To the AOL EEers -- Jadeline, Fontaine, and Heather -- who got me started on creating this EE website. To the other "too numerous to mention" online EELs - you know who you are: thanks for the input, the help, the discussions, the fun. :)

If you would like your Early Edition-related website added to this page, or you need to update your website's URL, just send email to earlydues@yahoo.com and I will review it for possible inclusion. I *do* have standards, you know.... Minimal requirements are that you have some original content (ie: everything on your site hasn't been swiped from other websites), that 98% of the links are fully functional, and that 99.44% of the text is grammatically and typographically correct. Hey, we all make mistakes, but at least make it look like you *tried* to get it right. :)

Disclaimer: This fan run website is for personal, non-commercial use and is totally unaffiliated with Early Edition, Three Characters Inc., CBS Productions, TriStar Television, October Holdings, or anyone else who may have rights to the show. No infringement intended and no profit is being made in any way whatsoever (unless, of course, you consider the emotional satisfaction of supporting and promoting a work of pure genius as profit.) This website was created in homage and with gratitude to the fabulous creators of Early Edition, and also in an effort to support the show and to encourage others to do so.

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